Building a better British Columbia

A Message from BC Conservative Leader Dan Brooks:


It is hard to believe the NDP won the election in Alberta, it isn’t hard to believe voters wanted change.

A government, who’s been in power a long time, arrogant and lacking respect for voters, where backroom deals and patronage appointments reward friends and insiders, and where perpetuating themselves in power becomes their only purpose.

Sound familiar? British Columbians are looking for change too, and for the same reasons.

untitled (6)When that moment comes, when British Columbians are tired of the BC Liberals and looking around for change, the BC Conservative Party will stand ready to offer them an alternative of hope.

Now is the time Conservatives must unite and prepare for that eventuality. If we are caught unawares, the electorate will turn to the NDP as they did in Alberta. We must offer them a better alternative.

Join with us now, contribute to our cause, and help us build a Party that will be prepared with ideas that will make the lives of British Columbians better, strong candidates that represent their constituents first, and a war chest to get our message out.

Change will come, of that I am certain. No political party will last forever, not even the Alberta PCs or the BC Liberals. Change is coming to British Columbia, and with your help the BC Conservative Party will be the common sense choice in 2017 for building a better B.C..



Dan Brooks
BC Conservative Leader