Saturday, February 20, 2016

8:30 am to 5:00 pm; Registration 7:30 am


Executive Airport Plaza

7311 Westminster Highway

Agenda Includes:

  • Financial Report for 2015
  • “State of the Party” Address
  • Policy Changes, that are described on this page.
  • Election of Board of Directors

How to register – see Events page

Hotel Accommodation

If you require hotel accommodation, identify yourself as an attendee to the BC Conservative AGM for discounts the Executive Airport Plaza has offered. Call 1 800-663-2878. Discounted rates are $105 or $149 a night, depending on the room.

Participation Guidelines

The meeting is open to members in good standing, that is those whose next renewal date is on or after February 20, 2016.** Members in good standing may contribute to discussions and have the right to vote on all matters brought before the meeting.

Applicants for membership (new membership fee paid after January 30th including at the door) may attend the meeting but may not contribute to discussions. Applicants for membership will not have the right to vote in time for the meeting.

**Option for renewal within 90 days prior to meeting: When the next renewal date is on or before February 19, 2016 but on or after November 22, 2015, the member whose next renewal date occurs within these 90 days and who renews their membership by February 20, 2016 does not become an applicant for membership, but rather will become a member in good standing and their right to vote will be restored in time for the meeting on February 20.