Building a better British Columbia

A Message from BC Conservative Leader Dan Brooks:

“I love this province and its people and I believe we have a great future ahead if we will but take hold it. As a province we have so much untapped potential, if we but had a government that would enable us to reach it we could achieve greatness like nowhere else in Canada, in the world.

untitled (6)“As BC Conservatives we envision a province where government enables you to pursue your dreams, not tell you what you can’t do. A government that gives you the greatest amount of personal freedom with the least amount of taxation. A government that is accountable to the people, not beholden to unions or big business. A government of the people, from the people, for the people.

“I want you to be apart of it, to help me change British Columbia and realize our greatest potential. Be bold, be strong, and take hold of this vision with me and help build a better future for British Columbia.”



Dan Brooks
BC Conservative Leader