Task Force Terms of Reference

     Each Task Force is a sub-committee of the Communication Committee.

  To monitor positions of the provincial government, other political parties, the media and lobby organizations,
      Task To provide when needed a BC Conservative response consistent with the Party’s accepted beliefs or policy document.
      Force To issue press releases and engage with the media in all ways necessary to put forth BC Conservative positions.
      Purposes To serve as a resource for candidates for political office, to assist them in maintaining a common message with the Party’s beliefs and platforms.
Each Task Force will report to the Communication Committee on an as needed basis and to the Board of Directors when requested. The duration of the Task Force will be from the date appointed, to the date of the election of a Party Leader or a new Board of Directors, whichever comes first.
Each Task Force will be comprised of a Spokesperson who shall be the leader of the Task Force. The spokesperson is the sole Task Force representative when advancing the Party’s position when engaging with the media.
The Spokesperson shall be appointed by the Communication Committee. Members of each Task Force shall be appointed by the Spokesperson of that Task Force.