Energy Task Force

  August 24 – BC Hydro as a Social Engineer – Draft Press Release

  June 14 – End the self censorship in the Carbon Dioxide debate – Press Release

  June 8 – What we get from oil – Press Release

  May 16 – We Will Repeal the Carbon Tax – Press Release

  May 2 – Natural Gas for Electricity – Press Release

  April 26 – We Support Pipelines – Press Release

  Our policies encourage free enterprise, support pipelines, and express a commitment to eliminating the carbon tax. Without apology, we support the forgoing, and believe we have the ability and the attitude to further those commitments.
        Background The BC Conservatives have, in the past, had a strong reluctance to be firm on any position or policy. We are in agreement that we must make our views known to the public and have no fear of expressing a strong and controversial position; a position we feel is correct in order that individual citizens may flourish in our province.
          Statement Access to abundant, inexpensive energy makes modern life possible. Without fossil fuel energy, life would be bleak. In order that the citizens of the province may flourish, the stifling energy policies brought in by the Liberal government need to be dismantled.
      – A few words While the BC Liberals claim to support the exporting of LNG they seek also to discourage the use of all fossil fuel by imposing a carbon tax. The NDP, the Greens, and the BC Liberals, by having taken a position against all fossil fuel use, are all morally ham-strung. It means they can not strongly support development of any of the fossil fuels that make modern life possible.
        in accord with We will exploit that weakness in order to gain a voice. We will challenge the position held by the other parties and encourage economic development, and honestly address the need to keep energy cost affordable for all the citizens of this province. Hence, it is not about condemning the other political parties but rather to inject reason into the energy debate in order that we may all enjoy a better life through better energy policies..
      BC Conservative We need to frame the argument by considering the effect energy poverty has on human life. The moral aspect of demanding that people use less, that human impoverishment is a laudable goal, is seldom even discussed and far worse, never condemned as the anti-human life initiative that it is. It is simply taken for granted by our political leadership that making citizens feel guilty about energy use is necessary as a justification for massive tax levies.
            Policies The citizens of BC will flourish if they have access to abundant and affordable energy. A BC Conservative government will ensure there a no unnecessary impediments to its development.
        That is what we will fight for ….as ferociously as we can.