Richmond School Board blocks
BC Conservative candidate from their debate

News Release April 20, 2017


While reading her email messages yesterday the BC Conservative candidate for Richmond-Queensborough, Kay Khilvinder Hale received a “We regret to inform you…” message from School District 38 (Richmond) that she was no longer included in their April 27 debate.

Hale says, “I hope the candidates who are favored by being included will stand up for democracy and boycott the School Board stakeholder debate.”

It’s one thing when a private organization practices exclusivity, such as the Liberal dominated Chamber of Commerce, but when the school board follows the pattern then the underlying elitism is an indication that public education is being poorly served in this school district.

“The School Board is exercising way too much influence over the election. This is another reason why British Columbia needs more independent schools,” says Bob Bray, Campaign Manager.

It would appear that planning a single all-candidate meeting for all four Richmond ridings is all a lazy host can manage. There are 18 taxpaying citizens running for office in Richmond and the exclusivity of the School Board will permit only 12 of them to sit on stage.

The proper way to host an all-candidate meeting is to hold a separate one in each electoral district and for each one to include all of the candidates running in that riding.

The rural ridings around the province manage to host their all-candidate meetings on an inclusive basis, that is, for all of their candidates. This is another advantage of rural living.

Campbell River resident Bray says, “At least stop calling them “all-candidate” meetings. Such meetings in Richmond are some-candidate meetings.”

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Bob Bray, Campaign Manager
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