Refund up to $54 on $500 of charitable donations.

News Release April 19, 2017


Stung by the Jack Knox article in yesterday’s Times Colonist, in which Jack compares tax breaks for charitable donations with those for political contributions, the BC Conservative Party, recognizing the truth in his humorous criticism, proposes that the provincial government refund up to $54 on $500 of charitable donations.

“The Knox criticism hurts because the BC Conservative Party places a high value on charitable donations and these charitable donations are an important part of our dual track future: a smaller government sector together with a larger charity sector,” said Bob Bray, Campaign Manager.

The details of our proposal can be found on our website and the link is:

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Background information and a detailed description of the Charity Tax Refund Plank is available at:
Charity Tax Refund

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Bob Bray, Campaign Manager
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