Chamber Excludes Candidate

News Release April 11, 2017

Chamber of Commerce Excludes BC Conservative Candidate from Debate


RICHMOND – Has John Yap, a current Liberal MLA and sometime Cabinet Minister from Richmond-Steveston, enlisted his former constituency assistant, Matt Pitcairn, to block the inclusion of the BC Conservative candidate for Richmond-Queensborough, Kay Khilvinder Hale, from the upcoming all-candidate debate on April 26th?

Claiming that there is not enough time to include Mrs. Hale in the four-riding debate, Mr. Pitcairn, President and CEO of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, appears to be suggesting that he is incapable of finding an extra chair and one more microphone sometime over the next two weeks.

“Is the Richmond Chamber of Commerce running interference for the BC Liberals?” asked Corbin Mitchell, President of the BC Conservatives. “One would hope that he manages the Chamber in a more professional manner.”

“We ask that the Chamber of Commerce revisit its position and make every effort to allow a different voice, a conservative voice, to be heard at the debate,” said Mitchell. “I am not aware of this deliberate exclusion of a formal party candidate happening anywhere else in the province.”

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