British Columbia Conservative Party
— Platform Theme:
  Good Infrastructure
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  Transportation System

      Fourth Ferry Crossing

            March 22   News Release   >>

— Platform Plank:
Reveal our plan to conduct a feasibility study for a fourth ferry crossing between Richmond and Nanaimo

  The fourth crossing looks like this:
48 Fourth crossing map 640x365
  What are the other three crossings?
 The mainland terminals with crossings to Vancouver Island are:
                                        Horseshoe Bay
                                        Powell River
  What is the fourth ferry crossing?
  The ferry terminal on the mainland is on Iona Island by the Vancouver International Airport.
  The ferry terminal on the Island is on the northeast side of Gbariola Island.
  An elevated causeway and innovative “skytrain” would connect the Iona Island terminal to Skytrain.
  Why have a fourth crossing?
 An alternative truck and recreational vehicle route
 An alternative fare structure based on a no-frills service
 An alternative schedule based on extended hours sailings
 An alternative commuter route based on walk-on passenger connections between Nanaimo and Skytrain
 An alternative vessel design based on smaller ships that could be built in BC shipyards after the federal government 7 ship (and up to 10 more) ship building contract is fulfilled
 An alternative route based on periodic sailings to Port Hardy
 The possibility of an alternative operating company based on a bidding process that would include the Bc Ferry Corporation
 To reduce traffic congestion on the North Shore and Richmond/Delts by diverting truck and RV traffic from Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen terminals to this new route
  How would the feasibility study be conducted?
 A request for proposal would be issued. Preparation of the RFP would be assisted by the EAZEway Group who have a particular interest in the innovative “skytrain” connection between the Iona Island terminal and the Sea Island Center Skytrain station.
  How much would this cost?
 The Request for Proposal process would be a multi-year project that is likely to cost in the range of several million dollars.
  The document produced by the Gabriola Island Fixed Link Feasibility Study 2016 can be seen here.
  Information about the Third Crossing Society (Powell River and Comox) can be seen here.
  Information about EAZEway (Elevated Adaptable Zero-Emission Trackway) can be seen here.