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  Smart Governance
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                    Civic Value

        Hospital Parking Plan

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Remove parking lot management from Health Authorities
– a pilot project for free parking at city hospitals

  How are parking lots managed?
  a) By contracting out, or
  b) By administrators who are trained in medical building management.
  Are these the only ways?
 No, there is an alternative way to manage parking facilities.
  What is a hospital parking lot for?
 – hospital user convenience, or
 – profit from privately paid fees, or both
  What is good about parking fees?
  Ensures that medical system funding is not used for parking lot maintenance.
  Payment of a fee for hospital parking is an accepted way for private money to enter our medical system.
  Paid parking is an example of the user pay principle.
  Parking fees help control utilization of parking spaces.
  What is wrong with parking fees?
  The fees limit access by visitors particularly low income seniors. And parking fines issued during a critical time create a lifetime memory.
  The fees are compulsory when the hospital has a monopoly of available parking spaces.
  In the case of an older hospital where construction financing has been paid off, parking fees for a taxpayer funded facility is a form of double taxation.
  Compared to the need for more private funding in the medical system, parking fees are small potatoes.
  How else could parking be managed?
 A local community non-profit organization could be formed for the specific purpose of managing the hospital parking lot for a qualifying hospital. Sufficient new funding would be provided to the organization to cover all costs.
  This alternative would be evaluated at the end of the two year pilot project.
  Is this like a Hospital Board?
 No, the Boards were phased out in the 1990s. But the new organization would, in a similar way, provide local management of a provincially funded resource. It’s just that a parking lot is easier to manage because it does not have the complexities of a modern medical institution.
  How much would this cost?
  The cost of the pilot project would be a small part of the revenue reported by the Health Authorities.
     2016 parking revenue shown below
     (except Vancouver Coastal Health):
      $13,478,000   Fraser
        $5,112,000   Provincial Health Services
        $7,502,000   Island
          $633,000   Northern
        $4,437,000   Interior
     $31,162,000   Total
  Was the removal of day parking fees from Provincial Parks done properly?
  No. In 2011 when a million dollars in revenue from parking was eliminated, the budget of the Parks Branch was effectively reduced by that amount, or 3%.
  If this pilot project in parking lot management succeeds, new budget funding will be needed to ensure that the medical system budget is not harmed.
  Which hospitals qualify for this pilot project?
 – Richmond General Hospital.
 – Campbell River and District General Hospital