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    Page from Jan 1 to May 9, 2017

      We recommend                     We oppose
 Parental Choice Private Sector      The Huge The Grotesque    The Immoral
   Charter    200,000  $67 Billion     Massey      Carbon
   Schools  Tiny Homes      Debt      Bridge         Tax

     Our MLA Candidates for 2017

 Leah Chuck Kay Trevor Justin Charles Gary Graham Julian Tony
Leah McCulloch 408x506 39KB Chuck Hardy 336x419 Kay Hale 427x530 Trevor Hamilton 336x417 Justin Greenwood 427x530 Charles Bae 385x480   Gary O'Driscoll 336x420 82KB   Graham Bowers hosp 631x785   Julian Fell 320x397 Tony Goulet 35KB


Strategic Voting in 10 Ridings

    If the Libs win     the Opposition will be “here we go again”
    If the NDPs win     the Opposition will be “not my cup of tea”
                     You can send a message with your vote:
     “I want ten BC Conservatives to serve as Loyal Opposition
                    Members of the Legislative Assembly.”

May 8 meme:
Liberals: Dark Past Shady Future

May 7:   Platform Summary

May 4 meme:
Rein in The Debt #3 Christy the Debt Builder

May 3 meme:
Rein in The Debt #2 A New Era

May 1 meme:
Rein in The Debt #1 Double, Double

April 30 news release:
Restore rural schools

April 29 video (15 seconds):
Our only TV ad – Chuck Hardy on Global

April 28 news release:
Reject the Bridge. Twin the Tunnel.

April 26 news release:
We recommend no tuition
for parental choice schooling

April 26 news release:
Relax residential building regulations to enable the market to build 200,000 starter homes across the province

April 24 news release:
We call for the Repeal of the Carbon Tax

April 23 news release:
Julian Fell for Mid Island-Pacific Rim

April 22 news release:
Gary O’Driscoll for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows

April 21 news release:
Graham Bowers for Burnaby-Deer Lake

April 20 news release:
Richmond School Board Excludes Candidate

April 19 news release:
Refund up to $54 on
$500 of charitable donations

April 13 photo of the day:
Harold Steeves and Kay Hale with Doug Massey (son of George)

April 13 news release:
Remove parking lot management from Health Authorities – a pilot project for free parking at city hospitals

April 11 news release:
Richmond Chamber Excludes Candidate

April 10 news release:
Charles Bae for Vancouver-Kingsway

Our MLA candidates
on the same page

April 6 news release:
Trevor Hamilton for Maple Ridge-Mission

March 23 news release:
Justin Greenwood for Langley

March 22 news release:
Kay Khilvinder Hale for Richmond-Queensborough

March 22 news release:
Good Infrastructure: Fourth ferry crossing

March 16 news release:
Chuck Hardy for Kelowna-Mission

March 15 news release:
Tony Goulet for Cariboo North

March 14 news release:
Thanking Vicki Huntington

March 14 news release:
Leah McCulloch for Courtenay-Comox

March 11 news release:
We protest unfair hikes in ferry fares

March 10 opinion piece:
BC Liberals struggle to smokescreen growing list of political scandals

March 6 news release:
Disgraceful deceits on donations

March 3 news release:
ICBC ad illustrates BC Liberal flaws

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Four quotes and two thoughts for reflection
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Thinking any platform ideas?
Have we got a forum for you.

This thirty minute video of a speech by Dr Patrick Moore “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout” is confidence booster.

This ten minute video is another good one featuring Dr Patrick Moore on the subject of “CO2 and Global Warming”.

Canada’s oil sands have reduced their Sulphur Dioxide emissions. That’s one of many points made in this five minute video.

This three minute video puts Carbon Dioxide emissions into perspective.