How to become a candidate

    How to become a registered MLA Candidate with an endorsement from the British Columbia Conservative Party.
         Who can   Any Canadian citizen who will be 18 by May 9, 2017 and has resided in beautiful British Columbia for 6 months
           apply?   before registering with Elections BC as a candidate (latest would be October 17, 2016 for the April 18, 2017 deadline).
    Send an email to with your interest and your phone number. Ensure your membership is paid-up.
      Application   Participate in an introductory conversation by phone with our Campaign Manager, Bob Bray.
      Registration   Receive a confidential application form.   Send it in along with the $250 non-refundable fee and the $500 refundable bond.
      Upon approval by the Party, register with Elections BC.   One hundred signatures and a further $250 will be needed.
          You will be given a list of Party members in your electoral district.
  Upon Party Approval   You will be contacted by Bob Bray, Campaign Manager, who will provide a binder of the platform planks.
          You will also have access to Slack, the password protected platform discussion web site we are using.

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