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Trevor Hamilton

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News Release April 6

The British Columbia Conservative Party is pleased to announce that its MLA candidate for the Maple Ridge-Mission Electoral District is Trevor Hamilton.

For two years Hamilton, 37, has worked a Canada Bread’s delivery route of which he is in the process of becoming its owner.

A fourth generation British Columbian, Trevor was born in Kelowna and grew up with his parents and two siblings in Golden, Invermere, Victoria and Nelson.

“The endorsement of a fine young candidate with private-sector work experience is another sign the B.C. Conservative Party will be competitive in numerous constituencies,” said Corbin Mitchell, president of the Party.

Following the path of many other small-town kids, Trevor attended Selkirk College and then transferred to Carleton University in Ottawa, pursuing his lifelong love of history. Trevor and his wife moved to Mission six years ago where they are raising their three children.

Trevor likes to quote his grandfather, Bill Treadgold, on the truth of conservatism, “The path to freedom has been long and arduous. Government is a necessary evil, to be applied where necessary when necessary, but is most effective and efficient when applied at the local level.”

“It is the duty of each and every free citizen of this province to ensure that government’s primary role is to protect the rights of sovereign citizens to choose their own life’s path free from outside coercion,” said Hamilton.

“With good young people like Trevor coming forward to run for us, our prospects are looking better and that’s a good for the province too,” said Mitchell.

Trevor Hamilton is the
Right Choice – Right Now
for Maple Ridge-Mission.

Trevor can be contacted

or 604-557-8113